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Your source for information on guitar synthesizers. Just what Harry Chapin wanted -- a "Six String Orchestra."

Start here for all kinds of midi guitar stuff. Don't know where to start? Try our "Showcase" and our "FAQ" (frequently asked questions). If you don't find it here, you can e-mail us your specific question.

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MIDI Guitar Features:
Classic Home Page
The classic home page from Includes info on the midiguitar e-mail discussion group. Links to manufacturers' sites and other resources.
MIDI Guitar Showcase
See some MIDI Guitar equipment on display, with commentary.
The greatest "hits" of frequently asked questions to me from around the world.
my new MIDI guitar
A sneak peek at my "ultimate" MIDI guitar, custom built by and for the MIDI guitar webmaster.
my MIDI guitar album
"This Christmas", a CD album by the MIDI guitar webmaster.
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